Words Aren’t Sexy, But They Matter

Mark Evans
1 min readSep 22, 2022


On a Website, words educate, enlighten and drive conversions.

So why are so many Websites confusing and uninspiring?

Why do words get in the way rather than sparking opportunities?

I interviewed Ekaterina (Sam) Howard, a conversion copywriter and strategist for B2B SaaS startups, to answer these questions.

The struggles with Website copy boil down to:

⭐ Copy overload; the need to tell everything to everybody as soon as possible
⭐ Fluffy copy, especially within home page hero images. Don’t get Sam started about two-word headlines.
⭐ False bottoms (a new term for me); points on a page where the visitor thinks they can’t scroll more even though there’s more content below it.

We also talked about:
⭐ Sam’s research-driven approach to Website copy.
⭐ The best CTAs to drive demo requests
⭐ Whether design or copy should go first when developing a Website.
⭐ Homepage structures
⭐ The balancing act between words on a page and the business strategy.

Listen to my conversation with Sam.

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