Why, When and How to Hire a Fractional CMO

Mark Evans
1 min readJun 9, 2022

In mid-2020, I made a game-changing decision when I decided to call myself a fractional CMO.

It came a few months after jumping back into consulting.

Without much success, I had called myself a brand storyteller, strategic positioning consultant, content marketing strategist, and digital marketing strategist.

On the other hand, fractional CMO (FCMO) resonated.

My theory is that people were curious about the title and looking for marketing leadership given that tacticians are easy to find.

To be honest, I thought the FCMO market to explode. Instead, it’s been a slow burn.


I suspect many people don’t understand what a FCMO does or how they operate.

This is a fail because a FCMO can deliver significant value to companies looking to do marketing right or better.

To take a deep dive into the why, how, and when of fractional CMOs, I reached out to Dave Poulos, a FCMO who works with trade associations, manufacturers, and financial institutions.

On my Marketing Spark podcast, we explored:

  • What a FCMO does
  • Why a company should hire on
  • The steps to hiring the right FCMO
  • How to establish the rules of engagement
  • How to define success
  • How long that a FCMO should stick around

For anyone who’s interested in hiring a FCMO or curious about what they do, it’s an insightful conversation.

More: Here’s a guide (no email required) on how to hire the right B2B SaaS fractional CMO.

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