The Rules of Engagement For Working with Fractional Executives

Mark Evans
1 min readJan 17, 2024

What are the rules of engagement for working with a fractional executive?

How do companies and fractionals set the stage for a win-win engagement.

From working as a fractional CMO for three years, here’s my advice.

• Define what success looks like and the timeframe for it to happen.

• Establish the rules of engagement. How are you going to work together? How often will you meet and why? Who tracks KPIs?

• Focus on quick wins. It takes time for a fractional to ramp up, but they can leverage their expertise and ideas to move the needle in a short period of time.

• Arrange interviews ASAP with key stakeholders (employees, partners, customers)

• Don’t expect overnight success or instant gratification. It takes a fractional time to understand your business, products, competitive landscape and market.

• Think of the relationship as a limited-time engagement. IMHO, fractionals fill gaps. They’re not permanent fixtures. Otherwise, they would be employees.

If you’re a fractional executive or have hired one, what advice would you give to companies and people looking to jump on the fractional bandwagon?

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