Running out of content ideas? Embrace a storytelling mindset.

Do you ever run out of ideas for content?

Do you scramble to write something when the cupboard is empty?

If that’s you, you’re experiencing one of the biggest problems facing content creators.

Sometimes, the ideas flow. Sometimes, ideas are elusive and fleeting.

Here’s the thing: content ideas are everywhere.

It’s about adopting a storytelling mindset.

It’s a world in which everything is potentially a story.

Two examples:

I stumbled across a pair of roller skates in an old suitcase while walking my dog in a local park.

Non-story: someone dumped a pair of roller-skates. Laziness!

Story: Who carried their roller skates in a suitcase? Where did they go roller-skating? How big a part of their life was roller-skating?

Driving down my street, a service truck is blocking traffic.

Non-story: This is an aggravation. They should be more considerate.

Story: The side of the truck says the company specializes in heating and air conditioning for older Toronto homes. That’s interesting positioning.

My experience as a newspaper reporter taught me how to identify compelling stories.

IMHO, discovering story ideas isn’t difficult.

It’s about seeing the world through a different lens.

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