New Course: Create Brand Positioning That Drives Higher Sales and Profits

Mark Evans
2 min readSep 5, 2023

Brand positioning is a nice-to-do, not a must-do.

It’s not a priority, right?


Brand positioning underpins everything:

  • Marketing
  • Sales
  • Product development
  • HR
  • Customer Success
  • Raising capital

But wait, there’s more.

Brand positioning:

* Drives higher profits by making you the obvious choice

  • It shortens sales cycles
  • It drives conversions (sales, contact and demos)
  • It establishes a competitive edgeWeak or generic brand positioning makes you invulnerable.
  • It allows competitors to tell a better, more impact customer story.

They win. You lose.

I’ll teach you how to develop positioning in five weeks.

We’ll walk through the key positioning pillars (customers, competitors and your product).

And I’ll show you how to transform positioning into messaging that powers Websites, sales decks, demos, videos, one-pagers and more.

I ran the first cohort a few months ago. Here is some feedback from participants:

“Mark is a great facilitator, guiding participants through what they need to think about when positioning their brand while providing exercises with templates/worksheets. Great discussion and feedback from the group”. — Richard McClurg, McClurg Marketing

“Mark’s positioning course was a great jumping-off point for honing in on positioning and competitive strategy. Each session was a mix of lectures and intimate group discussion/collaboration, which helped solidify positioning concepts. Mark knows his stuff and did a great job coaching me as I worked through his positioning exercises.” — Adam Buettner, Webstacks.

The course consists of five one-hour weekly sessions. It’s interactive, collaborative and engaging. Using worksheets and templates, you’ll do, and you learn.

By the end of the course, you’ll not only know how to develop brand positioning but have a running start on a better, more compelling narrative.

Learn more and enrol here:

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