Navigating the PR Landscape: Insights and Strategies for B2B and SaaS Entrepreneurs: Nima Olumi

Mark Evans
1 min readAug 17, 2023

“From strategy and ideation to media placements in weeks.”

It’s an audacious promise made by Lightyear Strategies.

But CEO Nima Olumi says his PR agency delivers due to strong relationships with reporters and bloggers.

When you hire a PR agency, what you’re doing is leveraging their Roledexes.

You pay a PR agency to connect you with the people who matter to you.

When you’re ready for PR, you want an agency that knows your business and key players (e.g. reporters, bloggers, influencers, analysts, and customers).

A good PR agency will craft your story and message and prepare you for the spotlight if and when it shines on you.

One of the big questions is when a company should embrace PR.

Nima says a signal is when you have sales momentum and the money to invest in PR campaigns. If not, he says you’re better off hiring a sales rep.

On my podcast, Nima and I also discussed the launch of PR Monkey, a SaaS platform launched by Lightyear that makes it easier and faster for PR agencies to do outreach.

PR Monkey lets PR agencies aggregate and create information packages (aka cards) to pitch clients.

Nima provided great insight into how to leverage service business to move into SaaS and some of the lessons picked up along the way.

Want advice on how to leverage PR?

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