Don’t fall in love with the product; fall in love with the problem

Mark Evans
1 min readDec 21, 2023

“Don’t fall in love with the product; fall in love with the problem.”

Wise words for marketers and salespeople.

In a world teeming with products, the key to differentiation isn’t the bells and whistles but how well you understand and solve your customer’s problems.

It’s about creating and positioning a product as a must-have because it addresses a scratch that needs to be itched.

It’s not selling a product that is seen as a nice-to-have, particularly when budgets are tight and customers are fickle.

I’m working with an entrepreneur who developed a prototype that solves a problem millions of customers want to solve but has few options.

When you hear the pitch, getting excited as a consultant, prospect, and investor is easy.

The entrepreneur is stoked because he’s built products that people didn’t need or want.

His new product emerged from an unsuccessful attempt to sell software to customers in the same industry.

Upon examining the lack of success and spending time with customers, he saw a problem that needed to be solved in a new and better way.

The entrepreneurial light bulb flicked on. Now, we need to see how the hypothesis aligns with reality.

Solve problems. Delight customers. Be successful.

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