Does Twitter Still Feel Good to You?

Mark Evans
1 min readJul 29


“Twitter no longer feels good to me,” — Kevin Roose on the Hard Fork podcast.

It’s a sentiment many people hold, but is it enough to leave Twitter?

While it’s easy to criticize what Elon Musk is doing, will people abandon the ship?

Twitter (aka X) is where many people, Twitter is where they rant, opine and confess, and access news.

It’s a die-hard habit like drinking coffee in the morning or (hopefully!) exercising.

And it’s hard to walk away from a product that’s an integral part of your life.

Many people will likely grin and bear it unless Twitter goes off the deep end.

Their “addiction” to Twitter is a key factor, but, as important, compelling alternatives have yet to emerge.

Yes, Threads attracted 100 million signs out of the gate, but curiosity, a real estate grab, and the seamless signup from Instagram fueled it.

Subsequently, engagement plummeted as people came, saw, and left unimpressed.

I played with Threads but need more time to justify adding it to my social media portfolio.

I do not have enough time and have a mistrust of Facebook.

I’m a light Twitter user, mostly reading and commenting on the news.

I spend most of my social media energy on LinkedIn.

What would it take for you to give up Twitter?

And if you’re committed to staying on Twitter, why is that?



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