Demystifying Brand Positioning: The What, Why, and How.

When do you know when your positioning is stale?

How do you know when it no longer resonates?

Positioning that fails to make an impact is like operating with one hand tied behind your back.

You can still run but not as fast or as well.

Here are five signs that your positioning needs to be fixed or updated.

★ Your business has grown and changed. Your story is different. Think about how Salesforce’s “No Software” narrative was impacted as the company made mega-acquisitions.

★ Your competitors have taken a new approach to their positioning.

They’ve changed horses in mid-race. Meanwhile, new players have entered the market with a new and different story.

★ Your product has changed because new features have been added, or customers are using your product in new ways.

★ Your sales pitch and decks aren’t resonating as well.

Prospects are unclear or confused and need more time and explanation to understand what your company does and why it matters to them.

★ On your Website, bounce rates are higher while conversions are lower.

★ Advertising campaigns aren’t performing.

When you do multi-faceted campaigns, ads that are experiments or not directly focused on the key features are more successful.

To discover if your positioning needs an update, watch, listen, and:

★ Talk to your customers.

★ Review your analytics

★ Get insight from marketing, sales, and customer success.

There may not be a single touchpoint but a variety of indications that it’s time for a positioning refresh.

If you’re looking to update your positioning, I just published a new eBook: Demystifying Positioning: Why, What & How.

I’m a fractional CMO for B2B SaaS looking to attract and engage better prospects. I focus on positioning, strategic planning, and content-driven marketing.