A deep look into B2B SaaS pricing

Mark Evans
1 min readMay 20, 2022


How much analysis do B2B Saas companies do about pricing?

I’m willing to bet that most pricing decisions are educated guesses.

It’s surprising given price is a key determinant of sales, revenue, and financial visibility.

Pricing is a complex process that includes a set of interacted variables.

Dan Balcauski says how companies approach pricing is puzzling given they obsess over KPIs like the cost of acquisition and lifetime value.

A pricing expert, Dan says pricing requires constant attention and analysis because the competitive landscape, customers, and products are dynamic, not static.

Far too often, companies make pricing decisions based on gut feel rather than research.

On the Marketing Spark podcast, Dan and I talked about:

🎤 How companies should approach pricing.
🎤 Who should be responsible for pricing decisions
🎤 When to change prices and how to do it
🎤 How to know when your pricing is optimized
🎤 The role of free trials within pricing
🎤 Why freemium is a terrible idea
🎤 How to approach pricing when trying to create a new category.

It’s a great insight for anyone who sees pricing as a mystery or a guessing game?

How does your company determine prices?

Link to the podcast: https://lnkd.in/gc9sj9AC



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