A simple and obvious rule about content.

It has NOTHING to do with what you want to say.

It has EVERYTHING to do with what your audience wants to see, hear, and watch.

It’s about them, not you. I told you it was obvious advice.

Many companies create “high-quality” content but it fails to make an impact.

Marketers scramble to optimize keywords, pump out a flurry of social media posts, and distribute content everywhere.

And the content still doesn’t resonate.

Instead of doing that, do this:
✅ Learn about much as you can about your prospects and customers. What are their…

Want to get started with LinkedIn but not sure how?

Try the 1–1–1–1 approach.

It’s a pragmatic way to embrace LinkedIn.

It works like this:

❎ One post a week. Every Tuesday. 150 to 200 words.

It could be an opinion, an idea, a lesson, a tip, or commentary on an article or blog post.

❎ One comment a day on other people’s posts.

Pick someone who is relevant within your industry or someone that would like to establish a relationship.

Make the comment from 25 to 100 words and offer insight, ideas, and opinions.

❎ One new connection a…

Do you ever run out of ideas for content?

Do you scramble to write something when the cupboard is empty?

If that’s you, you’re experiencing one of the biggest problems facing content creators.

Sometimes, the ideas flow. Sometimes, ideas are elusive and fleeting.

Here’s the thing: content ideas are everywhere.

It’s about adopting a storytelling mindset.

It’s a world in which everything is potentially a story.

Two examples:

I stumbled across a pair of roller skates in an old suitcase while walking my dog in a local park.

Non-story: someone dumped a pair of roller-skates. Laziness!

Story: Who carried their…

In a fast-moving world, it’s easy to be forgotten or ignored.

It is a busy, distracting, and multi-tasking world.

This is why you should never stop marketing (or selling).

When you’re out of sight, you’re out of mind. And that’s a dangerous place to be.

If you’re not marketing, you’re invisible. Meanwhile, the competition is waving the flag.

My biggest lesson from posting regularly on LinkedIn over the past year is that consistency is key.

When you show up every day, people see you and your brand.

Your content may not be read or commented on, but people are reminded…

“Ask for a Demo’.

It’s the big and bold CTA on every B2B SaaS website.

But what happens after the click?

How do companies engage, educate, and delight prospects?

In many ways, the demo is almost taken for granted within the marketing process.

Marketers focus on positioning, messaging, value propositions and content to attract and engage.

The demo belongs to sales.

But that’s the wrong approach.

The demo should be a coordinated effort between sales and marketing.

A demo is a golden opportunity to encourage, inspire and showcase your product in the right way to the right people.

If marketing…

The most surprising thing about podcasts is….

Not every B2B SaaS company has one yet.

Most companies have blogs and make videos, but they’re ignoring podcasts.

Frankly, it’s a huge strategic mistake that should be fixed ASAP.

Podcasts are a great way to:

✅ Create relationships with prospects and customers.
✅ Spark a huge number of ideas to power content marketing.
✅ Establish brand awareness and thought leadership
✅ Build a personal brand for your senior executives
✅ Develop partnership opportunities.

Given the benefits, why isn’t every B2B SaaS company all over podcasting?

✅ They think it’s too much work…

Vladimir Guerrero Jr. is having a phenomenal season: hitting. 337 with 16 home runs.

It comes after two disappointing years for one of baseball’s best prospects.

But even with huge talent, it took time for Guerrero, who plays for the Toronto Blue Jays, to perform at a high level. He didn’t have instant success.

In the same way, marketing success often doesn’t happen overnight. It takes time to consistently attract and engage prospects.

While everyone wants instant gratification, marketing requires patience and following a strategic path to achieve your goals.

When do you know when your positioning is stale?

How do you know when it no longer resonates?

Positioning that fails to make an impact is like operating with one hand tied behind your back.

You can still run but not as fast or as well.

Here are five signs that your positioning needs to be fixed or updated.

★ Your business has grown and changed. Your story is different. Think about how Salesforce’s “No Software” narrative was impacted as the company made mega-acquisitions.

★ Your competitors have taken a new approach to their positioning.

They’ve changed horses in mid-race…

You know it when people like A N D Y F O O T E, who spent a lot of time on CH, are talking about its failure.

Here’s my take on CH’s Phoenix-like rise and fall:

1. CH was the right product at the right time…but only for a short period of time.

With COVID, people were bored, isolated, and lonely. CH filled the gap. It was an easy way to connect with other people. As COVID retreats, the need to talk with strangers fades away.

2. FOMO.

People didn’t want to make the same mistake they made with…

Can marketers exclusively “date” a single channel?

If a single channel performs well, do any channels matter?

I ran into an entrepreneur recently whose company is thriving.

But they’re only using cold outreach to drive B2B leads.

It begs the question: if the channel is working, does it matter?

Why change the marketing “recipe” when it’s working? Why change a good thing?

The risk, however, is the channel stops working.

Then, a company has to scramble to discover a new channel that performs.

That puts pressure on entrepreneurs, marketers, and salespeople to hit pay dirt.

My advice: if you have…

Mark Evans

I’m a fractional CMO for B2B SaaS looking to attract and engage better prospects. I focus on positioning, strategic planning, and content-driven marketing.

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